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Children hospital Weißensee – Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee

Nothing to do on a sunday? Not on this sunday. Let’s explore a former hospital for children in Berlin – Weißensee. Exploring makes more fun with friends, so take them along. This time two of them. Perfect conditions for doing something outside (and I set that as a nerd) as well, sunny, warm but not hot.

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Taking on new hobbies

To be completely honest, not a new hobby at all but something I restarted doing and somehow adjusted the approach doing it. A couple of years ago I hunted geo caches and visited some (so called) lost places. Places that are abandoned and reclaimed by nature. Time changed and I became more interested in exploring […]

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Messages from iPhone on Mac

A couple of days ago the company with the fruit as it’s logo announced a new feature that users of iPhones with iOS 8.1 and MacOS Yosemite can read & answer messages the iPhone received on their Mac. So I own an iPhone 4s and a MacBook Air from 2010 and currently like to test […]

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Updating WordPress

I recently tried to update WordPress on this server to the latest version but it always failed with “Internal Server Error”. I tried different solutions I found in the web but nothing worked. But while trying these out I stumbled about the Hosting Settings in Plesk. At the bottom of that page I found “Additional […]

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Bringing new hardware to the market

So first post this year and it’s already March. Busy times when starting to work for a new company. Well, it’s not that new to me anymore since it has been almost 3 months. So I assume I already can judge most of the pro & contras. Pro is certainly that I found a small […]

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Windows 7 won’t boot

There it was again, all these years Windows 7 runs smoothly and without any big trouble. But a couple of days ago I bought my first Blu Ray and watched it on the PC. So far so good (PowerDVD sucks but my VLC cannot handle the Blu Ray stuff). Yesterday I left a disc in […]

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Trouble with Class not found

So as this error message shows there is a problem finding a class for an used library, in this case Android-Universal-Image-Loader by nostra13. The error occurred when I updated to the latest Android SDK revision (in my case rev22).

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Championship Manager NX

This is a small tool which makes it easier to add seasons to rFactor. You can set your own tracks, cars, safety-cars & pointsystems for the championship-mode. You can add an arbitrary number of random tracks to the season (so far you havethem installed). New seasons will be saved without having missmatches if you play online. […]

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