Messages from iPhone on Mac

A couple of days ago the company with the fruit as it’s logo announced a new feature that users of iPhones with iOS 8.1 and MacOS Yosemite can read & answer messages the iPhone received on their Mac.
So I own an iPhone 4s and a MacBook Air from 2010 and currently like to test the new systems.
The company claims that the features are always easy to use, so I was kind of surprised I had to turn iMessage on and off again on both devices. Until I did so the verification could you need to enter on the iPhone might not be shown on the Mac. Funny, I thought we had the time “Did you turn it off and on again” behind us…


Can’t wait to test if this works with phone calls a bit easier and more user-friendly ūüėČ

Updating WordPress

I recently tried to update WordPress on this server to the latest version but it always failed with “Internal Server Error”. I tried different solutions I found in the web but nothing worked. But while trying these out I stumbled about the Hosting Settings in Plesk. At the bottom of that page I found “Additional write permissions” and activated it. And surprise the WordPress update worked. So my task in the next couple of days is to find out what “additional” means. Somehow I thought (until now) that you have the right to write to a folder or not. There is no other possibility (obviously there is).

Bringing new hardware to the market

So first post this year and it’s already March. Busy times when starting to work for a new company. Well, it’s not that new to me anymore since it has been almost 3 months. So I assume I already can judge most of the pro & contras. Pro is certainly that I found a small start up company that develops software for customers. We are relatively tight together with a bigger company ¬†we do most of the software for. This company is active in the hardware market itself. And there comes my contra, they seem not to live the spirit of that fast and rapidly changing customer market for electronic hardware device at all. They do nothing to get special in any way, no new features for their products, no clear line as they just re-brand other companies products and no innovation what so ever. To sum it up: Just another Android-based smartphone (as if there weren’t already enough out there).

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Windows 7 won’t boot

There it was again, all these years Windows 7 runs smoothly and without any big trouble. But a couple of days ago I bought my first Blu Ray and watched it on the PC. So far so good (PowerDVD sucks but my VLC cannot handle the Blu Ray stuff). Yesterday I left a disc in the drive and this morning my PC bootet with just showing me my mouse cursor and a black screen. So as someone with knowledge about IT I switched to the secure mode and took a look in the event logs. A lot of drivers & services could not be loaded… Fine, I took the first one and googled it, some Avast!-related driver. In the forum all people posted that this happens when you have a virus blabla, I thought about it again and the only thing I made different from all these years was that Blu Ray in my drive. I removed it, booted and everything was fine again. Long story short: seems like Windows (or PowerDVD) does not like a Blu Ray in your drive when booting.

Championship Manager NX

ctdp-logoThis is a small tool which makes it easier to add seasons to rFactor.
You can set your own tracks, cars, safety-cars & pointsystems for the championship-mode. You can add an arbitrary number of random tracks to the season (so far you havethem installed). New seasons will be saved without having missmatches if you play online.


You’ll find more information¬†here¬†and a download is still possible here.